Private room booking – Pierre Mignon Champagne Bar
in Épernay

Located in Epernay, the tasting bar can be privately booked for a reception and champagne tasting experience. Depending on our availability you can book a private meeting, a business evening, or an event with friends for an exceptional experience in the company of our chef sommelier. Your guests can sample our range of exceptional champagnes. Our team will do its utmost to make this moment a success. To book your evening, contact us and we will use our know-how to meticulously prepare the reception of your dreams.

Event organizer turnkey

We take charge of the entire organization of the reception. Enjoy yourself and make the most of having your guests with you amongst our range of champagnes. Customized formulae are tailored to your needs. Whether you want a reception based around a cocktail-supper, a tasting or a Masterclass workshop, our House will be able to provide a response suited to everyone’s requirements.

Business receptions

A company’s image is one of the keys to its success. To cultivate it and consolidate its influence, what better vector than the emotion derived from exceptional experiences? Champagnes Pierre Mignon are experts at organizing prestigious receptions on behalf of companies where they showcase their universe, identity and values through exclusive events.

Private events

We bring completely private and personalized receptions to life around our various champagne vintages that will delight all your guests. Continually listening to your expectations, we will do our utmost to make your private reception a success.

Tell us what you need

We can accommodate up to 50 people: you will have a wonderful experience in an ideal atmosphere and venue . Are you a private person or company, do you have an event to celebrate, or do you want to meet with family or friends? If you want to meet our Chef sommelier or receive your guests and share the experience, make an appointment to book a private room.